We are best friends, soul mates, partners and parents of two adorable boys. I am a passionate photographer who loves music, love to sing, love finding new places and enjoy creating first time experiences. 

I am married to a God leading man, who inspires me daily, lover of all things piano and soccer. My husband, Libni, would define me as a faith-filled gal lover of sweets, fashion, beauty and a heart for people. 

We love to tell stories. We have been in a journey with photography and believe there has to be more to photography then taking ones photo. 

It has to leave a lasting impression and tell ones story. This is why our passion is to capture and create stories through images. 

How Did We Get Started?  I am glad you asked.

We both love photography, however Libni saw something in me that I did not see in myself. He believed in me and my art, he would tell me over and over again how good I was in capturing moments. 

Trusting his word and believing God had gifted me to capture something special, we started Abrahanny Photography in 2010. 

We love every connection we have established through this journey. We are so glad you stopped by, lets meet over a cup of coffee/fresh juice, to hear more about you!