Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez


Victor + Jennifer

I love shooting by the beach! There is something so special about this place, but even more so as Victor and Jennifer were tying the knot.  How to describe this passion and love Victor and Jennifer naturally displayed for one another, it was magical!  We were dazed to see the purity of heart these two have for one another.  Rarely do you see two individuals make the promise to love, remain faithful, forsaking all other things, in the presence of their closest friends years before being engaged to marry.  Victor and Jennifer fulfilled their commitment before the world to see and witness such sweet moment, a public display of their love and care for each other. 

Wedding day came and these two couldn’t stop smiling at the realization of what was happening.  The guys got ready at the tune of Golf, while the ladies where sharing lots of laughs.  The ceremony, on a beautiful outdoor setting, pave the way for this amazing relaxed wedding celebrated among family and close friends. The rest……well take a look for yourself….